A. G. Cook

QT – Hey QT (Recycle Culture remix)

Looking forward to this, should be pretty amazing:
My best-of year-end list will be a mixtape of (mostly bootleg) remixes I made of my favorite tracks.
— Recycle Culture (@RecycleCulture) December 1, 2014
SOPHIE + A. G. Cook introduce QT – Hey QT

We've been waiting for this one for a minute: like-minded London producers/visionaries SOPHIE + A. G. Cook introduce their new creation, QT, and her anthem "Hey QT", probably the fizziest, bounciest and most infectious jam of 2014. No word yet on an official release (looks like XL and Dipl…
mp3: Lipgloss Twins – Wannabe

Download the latest from the always bizarre PC Music crew below, but this one just isn't the same without the ridiculous accompanying video. Listen here for the full effect.

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