Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Break My Stride
I was a having a hard time a few weeks ago. This song came on the radio and immediately snapped me out of me sad rut. This is another song that I feel like a lot of people have heard but have no idea who its by. I love this song with all my heart and it makes me genuinely feel so good. -- Drew from …
Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Via Talas
Great song my roommate showed me a long time ago. Seriously never gets old and always puts me in the best mood. Razor sharp songwriting that makes for great power pop. Its reminiscent of the Cars first album. -- Drew from Hoops
Lewis – L’Amour re-issue
"Perhaps you know Lewis. Perhaps Lewis is you"The heroes at Light In The Attic come through yet again, this time with the re-issue of L'Amour, a little-known 1983 private press obscurity from a long-lost enigma named Lewis. L'amour, a record that we were first made aware of a couple years …