Music for People in Trouble is both an album and a photo essay. I took more than 3000 photos. It’s not a very impressive number if you’re a professional photographer, but I don’t like to call myself a hobby photographer, because it sounds like something I do just for fun. It’s become more than that, because I channel my emotions through images just as much as I do with music. But it’s a different way of conveying, it’s a different journey. With music it’s like something inside comes out and is transposed into melodies or harmonies or arrangements, but with photo the image is already there, I just need to capture it by being silent and paying attention to something outside of myself. Here are a few of my personal favourites -- Susanne Sundfor

Ida in my hotel room

Ida is looking after me on tour but takes a break and looks out the window from my hotel room.

Jack The Ripper Skyline

From a Jack the Ripper guided tour following his footsteps in East London.

A Tree by Lake Geneva

A crêpe costs £10 in Switzerland…

Forest Clearing

From the rainforest on the Annapurna trek in the Himalayas.


Taken on tour.

The Belo Monte Dam

From outside of Altamira, Brazil. The dam was built despite huge opposition and demonstrations because it affected areas belonging to the indigenous of the Amazon River and also the poorest inhabitants living by the river in and around Altamira.

Val guided us on a walk through the jungle with his machete and gun. Machete is for cutting away branches and palm leaves on the trail, the gun is for potential jaguar attack yikes!