Here is a list of some books that I read as research for the album, but also some books that somehow can relate to the themes of the album, and also some books that I simply love -- Susanne Sundfør

Collected Poems - Wallace Stevens

Age of Anger - Pankaj Mishra

No is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

News of the Universe: Poems of Twofold Consciousness - Robert Bly

Samlede dikt - Tor Ulven

Dying - Cory Taylor

Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer

Reality is Not What it Seems: The Journey to Quantum Reality - Carlo Rovelli (I have to be honest here and let you know that I didn’t finish this one, it’s really heavy. But I’m not very good at physics, I’m sure you can do it)

And then all the books from The Dark Mountain Project