The brilliant Susanne Sundfør will release her new record Music For People In Trouble this week via Bella Union, and today we are honored to welcome the Norwegian pop luminary as she takes over the site for the day. In keeping with the theme of her beautiful new album, Susanne will be sharing lists of her favorite books, films, and musicians -- as well as some of her own photos from her extensive travels -- that inspired the new album, under the title "...for People in Trouble":

Susanne Sundfør takeover Part I: Movies for People in Trouble

I love to go to the movies. It’s totally different from watching a movie on your tv-screen at home, or even worse, your laptop in bed, which is a habit I struggle with. First of all, you make an effort to get to the place where you can watch this movie. The expectations, maybe you got good seats and you’re really happy about that. You buy candy, you go to your seats (sometimes it’s just you and you enjoy that too, at least I do, no shame in going to the movies alone, it’s wonderful and freeing), you see the people who are gonna share this movie experience through the light from the ads playing before the movie, you sit down and finish your candy, and then the lights go down and the only thing you see is the movie and perhaps the light reflected to the top of the heads of everyone there enjoying this together with you in silence (hopefully). Sorry for getting so poetic, but seriously, going to the movies beats everything. It’s a powerful way of experiencing art.

Here are a few movies that inspired me for my latest album, but also some that can relate to the themes of the album and some of my favourites. -- Susanne Sundfør

The Witch: A New-England Folktale - directed by Robert Eggers

Arrival - directed by Denis Villeneuve

Coal Miner’s Daughter - directed by Michael Apted

Goodnight Mommy - directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz

Apocalypse Now - directed by Francis Ford Coppola

The Weight of Water - directed by Kathryn Bigelow

Wild - directed by Jean-Marc Vallée

Persona - directed by Ingmar Bergman

The Secret in Their Eyes - directed by Juan José Campanella (this is my favourite movie of all time!!!)

Melancholia - directed by Lars von Trier

Tree of Life - directed by Terrence Malick

Under The Skin - directed by Jonathan Glazer

Interstellar - directed by Christopher Nolan

The Dead Zone - directed by David Cronenberg

How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change - directed by Josh Fox