Today, Bandcamp will donate 100% of their share of proceeds from all purchases to the American Civil Liberties Union, so while you're supporting your favorite artists directly, you can also support the ACLU in resisting the immoral and likely illegal agenda of the pathetic current "administration" (so far over 200 400 righteous labels + artists have also joined the cause and agreed to donate their proceeds from bandcamp today). We've lovingly compiled a massive playlist featuring some of our recent favorites to help you spend all of your money. And while most of these essentials are new releases from 2017 or the tail end of 2016, did you know that the entire back catalogs from Grouper, Joanna Newsom, Burial, Beach House, Shabazz Palaces, Women, TOPS, and Sufjan Stevens are now on bandcamp as well? And in addition to all of that, today's also the day to finally cop that amazing Our First 100 Days comp. Thank you, and #FDT.