It's been more than a year since we were turned on to Denton's Paul North -- aka Sunnybrook --- by our friends at We Shot J.R.. And while we haven't heard much from North since aside from a few demos on myspace, he recently sent over his just-completed debut EP, Water Me Glow. After a handful of listens, the record delivers on all the lofty promise of "Waving Hands," Sunnybrook's glowing, '70s-leaning, Sigur Ros-meets-Seven Swans campfire folk-pop gem. Here's the new album version of that one, and another Water Me Glow standout, the swelling, sentimental "Tiger Bite":

sunnybrook :: waving hands
sunnybrook :: tiger bite



Another mp3 from the xx's debut LP, which is quickly working its way up our best of '09 list:

the xx :: basic space