Aside from the times Tyler, the Creator named a mix after them and NME called their "Round the Moon" video one of the 100 greatest of all time, it's been too long since we heard from London duo Summer Camp. The band returns with a rousing electro-pop jam from their forthcoming debut full-length, which they produced with Steve Mackey of Pulp (you can still help Elizabeth + Jeremy fund the record here; rewards for pledging include mixtapes, brownies, dinner parties, and sparkly jumpsuits). Not quite as intense and dark lyrically as lead single/stalker anthem "I Want You," but still, an infectious lovelorn send-off fit for a John Hughes flick:

Summer Camp :: Better Off Without You

Summer Camp's debut LP is out soon on their own Apricot Recordings imprint, "in partnership" with Moshi Moshi Records.