Shout out to Le Ren for the heads up on the intoxicating debut album from Montreal-based electronic musician, producer, and model Mohamed-Lamine Abdel-Aziz Dosso, aka møziz. E-Motion: Time Machine is an adventurous and sprawling introduction, inspired by Dosso's eclectic host of influences, which range from West African rhythms to Aphex Twin. Dosso refers to the record as "a journey on what it is to be an emotional being in a digital age", and he takes us on a cathartic trip through shadowy ambient soundscapes, heady electronic experiments, and visceral late-night anthems, with the common thread being an emotional tension and eerie beauty that glows through the dissonance. Stream the album + check the immersive 3D visual for the haunting and cavernous album highlight "OOSX" below, created in collaboration with art director Nikita Nadeau + 3D designer @donutjay: