With her lovely new record neoteny, New Jersey singer/songwriter/RN Lindsey Rae Radice aka PYNKIE just dropped one of the coolest, most infectiously charming debut LPs of 2018. I've had the first two tracks that PYNKIE shared from the record on repeat for a few months now, and now you can stream the whole thing in all its glory below. As immediately enjoyable as the record is/was, it's still growing on me and sort of revealing itself a little more with each listen, with tracks like "Joyride", "The Tryp", and "Shrinking Violet" embodying the kind of warm, woozy, vaguely familiar jams you want to keep on repeat on breezy summer nights. Plus it reminds me at times of that Night Control record from 2009, which still rules. This one's a co-release from Gnar Tapes + Plastic Response, so if you're into it, buy a tape from either/both.