"What you gonna do now, that the night's come and it surrounds you? You could wait for the day, but I don't think it'd make a difference"

Carla dal Forno’s breathtaking psych-folk dirge “What You Gonna Do Now?” was one of the highlights and focal points of our recent Halloween mix, its murky melancholy and deeply unsettling spectral beauty perfectly encapsulating in under 4 minutes the vibe we were attempting to convey throughout the mix. But in truth, any song from dal Forno's stunning debut LP You Know What It's Like would have done the trick: the record is an intimately enveloping and beautifully dark creeper, eliciting an eerie aching and a sense of general unease that gets under your skin with repeat listens. It's one of our favorite releases of the year, and we're honored to premiere the full album stream in advance of its official release next week (just in time for Halloween). Highly recommended for fans of Grouper's dreamlike drones and Nico's timeless, poignant windswept pop. You Know What It's Like is out on October 28 via Blackest Ever Black.