Los Angeles pop luminary Sedona plays a higher-stakes (and much more fun) version of The Dating Game in the new video for her shimmery, catchy-as-hell summer jam + heartfelt one-night stand anthem, "Touch & Go." Sedona's philosophy is, "Whoever gave one night stands a bad name simply wasn’t sleeping with the right people," and based on the dreamy, Caris Kuhn-directed vid, we have no choice but to agree. Sedona tells us: "'Touch & Go' celebrates the playful nature of a first time connection. We step into a world of gameshows and love affairs. Except these candidates aren’t truly looking for love, they’re looking for a night to remember. To be crowned the ‘one night stand’ man is a job only cut out for some. May the best lover win!" Check the vid below + download "Touch & Go" over on Sedona's bandcamp.