LA sisters Piper + Skylar Kaplan -- aka Puro Instinct -- return with their first full-length since 2011's Headbangers in Ecstasy, a record which remains a criminally under-appreciated, genuine dream-pop classic in some circles (ours). According to a press release, new LP Autodrama is something of an homage to the darker side of growing up in Hollywood; Piper says, “Headbangers-era was about being sucked into the flames, and Autodrama is about rising from the ashes of that experience, with the lessons in tact and our ‘demons’ working for us, instead of against us."

The lush, shimmery lead single "Tell Me" hints at these shadowy themes, as the subtle groove is on some classy, almost quiet-storm-y '80s vibes, while Piper's haunting dusky vocals extend a fiery, breathless plea to a prospective lover. It's an intoxicating and sweetly seductive slow burn that feels like a major step forward for the group. And having seen most of the record performed live (twice), we can confirm that the new songs, while perhaps more confident and a little deeper, are just as danceable and dreamy as ever. Autodrama is out June 24th via Manifesto.