Sincerely Yours just posted up this clip for the "KJJ edit" of Avner's "Bed för Mig," which is essentially a cover by JJ, I think, but you never know with these people. The only info they've offered up is "the eye goes blind when the mind asks why." Watch it in high-res here:



jj | no. 2

In related news, you can now get one of the year's best albums (JJ's No. 2) on white vinyl, complete with new bonus track "Pure Shores" (likely a cover of this) for 19EUR, which I'm guessing is a lot of American dollars. The group has also released an extremely limited 12" for From Africa to Málaga on Japanese label Every Conversation, featuring JJ's cover of "Baby" as well as new song "The Truth," that can be had here for ¥1,985 (also a lot of $).

jj :: from africa to malaga
jj :: baby