Grimes just dropped another amazing track from her new record: she said recently on twitter that lead single "Flesh Without Blood" wasn't necessarily a representation of the album as a whole ("just a taste of a vibe"), and that certainly holds true with this one, as the awesomely raucous and piercing "Scream" — which features badass Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes — sounds just sinister enough to be one of those diss tracks Grimes mentioned (that artwork though, and the lyrics are legit terrifying). She had this to say about the new track:

"This is the first track I’ve released that I produced where I am not the lead vocalist (although I did the screaming), so I’m bouncing off the walls a bit haha. and just wanna say thanks to Aristophanes for taking a chance on me and being so incredible."

Listen below, and buy it now on iTunes. Vibe: intense. Art Angels is out next Friday.