We were introduced to San Francisco's Chloe Zelma Studebaker, aka Zelma Stone, through her recent single "Fly" -- and its beautiful accompanying video -- in which Studebaker displays a gift for elegantly articulating and coming to terms with unimaginable loss and grief in a way that is completely devastating, but also undeniably life-affirming and comforting. As someone who struggles to accept or even think about death in any constructive capacity, "Fly" has been sort of a reassuring beacon during these uncertain times, and it's meant a lot to me over the past few weeks. So it's an honor to be able to premiere the equally poignant title track from Zelma Stone's beautiful new Dreamland EP, coming next month. The song is an achingly vulnerable, loving lament for her brother Brett, accompanied here by old Studebaker family home movies and recent Super 8 footage set at the family's treehouse, shot and edited by Vanessa Pla. Like "Fly", it's a heartbreaking but uplifting remembrance, and you might struggle to make it through without tearing up. Chloe tells us about her beloved brother, and the song:

"My older brother Brett died in a car accident when we were teenagers. He gave me my very first guitar lesson and is the reason I make music today. I still see him often in my dreams, which is what inspired the song "Dreamland". The lyrics switch between his perspective and mine, wondering what it would be like if he was still alive or could come back. Would he feel at home here? Would we make music together like I dream about?

The music video is centered around the childhood treehouse my dad built, and alternates between family home videos and some Super 8 footage from last year. It means a lot that I can honor my brother and family through my art.

I truly believe that art brings us together in ways that transcend far beyond the physical realm. I hope that "Dreamland" can offer some comfort and connection to anyone experiencing pain and sadness during this difficult time.”

Dreamland is out April 17th.

Our treehouse