As the internet's self-proclaimed most devoted Yumi Zouma fans, we feel pretty comfortable declaring the group's beautiful new sophomore full-length Willowbank their best yet, and our official album of fall 2017. You've already heard the glorious lead single "December", and today we are honored to debut the record's irresistible opening track "Depths (Pt. I)", a cozy, wistful soft-disco-pop dream about "life, love and temporary loss, and all the little moments in between that drag us to the edge of our existences", that will both warm your cynical heart and have you dancing with abandon at your desk as you muse over how exactly your life ended up at this point. Or maybe that's just us! Either way, listen below, and catch the Yumis live when they make it over to the States this fall. Willowbank is out this October on limited baby blue vinyl via Cascine.