Yoo-Yoo is a new group from Sweden that, as former Korallreven member Marcus Joons tells us via email, is "made up by Korallreven, ORKID, Thanxxx, friends and lovers". Their blissed-out debut single elicits a breezy wistfulness and the distinct, welcome tinge of instant nostalgia, not unlike the feeling we got the first time we heard Korallreven's magical tropical balearic pop back in 2009. Joons says of the new group and the whimsical, almost-too-perfectly-titled "Pet Shop Boys":

"Do you remember when you were six or seven? When you were vacationing in Italy or on Bohus-Malmön, the radio blasted Pet Shop Boys' late 80's hits and Fido Dido, the character on the 7-Up’s, was the coolest you’ve ever seen? With Yoo-Yoo - and maybe especially with this first single - we tried to grasp those early, whimsy feelings. When you were so excited for all the new stuff the next day that you just couldn’t fall sleep and when anxiety was a thing you didn’t even understood after you looked it up in a dictionary. Don’t know if we succeeded, but gosh how we tried!"

"Pet Shop Boys" is out June 3rd on Yoo-Yoo Foundation.