Singapore producer/model/experimental dream-pop artist Yeule shares her entrancing new single, out today on the always stellar emotive electronic pop label Zoom Lens. The label tells us that Yeule's intention with "Pocky Boy" is to "address subculture phenomena and the media’s warped intentions of consumer goods...for example, the kawaii / feminine / cute taste associated with the culture of Pocky." It's a wispy and eminently danceable pop-house hybrid that challenges gender stereotypes and, according to Yeule, hints at her opinions of "the utopian non-binary projection of the self." Yeule explains:

"There are six boys on the bleachers sharing a box of pocky. They are watching me walk by and I hear their crunching intensify. They bite hard into the pocky, some using their teeth to scrape the chocolate off the long, crunchy biscuit. They say nothing but continue to eat from the tiny little box when two of them accidentally touches hands while reaching into it. They look at each other... sweating."

Download "Pocky Boy" via the Zoom Lens bandcamp here. On April 5th at 21:00 - 24:00 / 8:00 - 11:00AM EST, Zoom Lens will be streaming on Dommune with live performances by Yeule, Ermhoi, LLLL & Meishi Smile + an interview with the label to celebrate the single, and to promote their upcoming label showcase in Tokyo on April 8th.