We're psyched to premiere the beautifully shot, Desmond Penn-directed new visuals from one of the brightest young luminaries in footwork, Teklife's DJ Taye. With its elegantly chopped samples -- that tinkling, cascading piano and an almost mournful woodwind melody lend the song an unmistakably poignant vibe -- deftly woven into Taye's distinctive skittering drum and bass patterns, the soulful, DJ Manny-assisted "Burnin Ya Boa" is one of the highlights from the producer's very dope Move Out EP, out this week on Hyperdub. Taye tells us about capturing the essence of Chicago's vital footwork scene in the new vid:

A short bit about this track itself is that I had a computer get stolen last year, and this song in particular happened to be the last track we made on it, and it never got it exported. We remade it from scratch, and took the streets of Chicago to capture footwork in its natural habitat to visualize what footwork really is.

Taye's Move Out EP drops this Friday, November 25th. Pre-order here.