We've already heard a couple of gorgeous songs -- including the stunning title track -- from Olympic Girls, the forthcoming new full-length from Hollie Fulbrook aka Tiny Ruins, and today we have the honor of premiering what might be the most haunting song yet from the New Zealand songwriter. New single "School of Design" is an eerie, almost gothic account of an actual experience Hollie had on tour, elegantly conveyed with such enchanting mystery and sinuous cinematic phrasing that it's clear why David Lynch would be such a big Tiny Ruins fan. Hollie tells us about the song:

“The lyrics came from a real experience where I did find myself wandering around an empty design school in a foreign city while on tour. That's where the imagery of the fresh white paint on the walls and the 'archives' comes from, as that's what I saw there. I wrote the song maybe two years later. You draw from experiences to articulate other feelings, other thoughts...a cinematic image that you know well is used to give life to something else, another feeling altogether.

It’s a song about systems, about the confining nature of systems, and wanting to find a new way. It was written quickly, and I loved the guitar part from the get go, but I resisted its lyrics for a while - I felt it was too similar to another song of mine - “Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens” which is also about an institution, and about escaping from regimented regime. But in the end, I became happy with it.”

Olympic Girls is out February 1, 2019 on Ba Da Bing Records in North America. Listen to "School of Design" below: