With their sparkling new single "Say So", willfully enigmatic dream-pop supergroup Terror Jr is now officially 4-for-4 in 2016 (including one of our favorite tracks of the year, the dreamily bittersweet, Jamie xx-sampling "Trippin"). All we know about these guys so far is that Felix Snow (SZA, Kiiara, etc.) and David Singer-Vine are involved, and that the group's mysterious vocalist almost definitely isn't Kylie Jenner, despite all the "Kylie slays" comments on their soundcloud. If your first impulse is to be cynical about things like this, that's cool, but Terror Jr's commitment to anonymity is especially impressive given the fact that their first 3 singles, which are all stellar, have accumulated ≈ 20 million plays in just a couple of months. Regardless, the group's latest glowing summer-night jam is one of their sweetest and most irresistibly chill tracks yet, and we're definitely on board for whatever they do next: