The Father/Daughter crew continues to impress and inspire with their run of 2018 releases, and the latest from Chicago artist, activist, and poet Tasha is another triumph from their already stellar year. Tasha calls the tracks that make up her exquisite debut LP Alone at Last "bed songs" -- which begins to make perfect sense the first time you let the record wash away the stress and heaviness of another surreal day in 2018 -- and she follows up the glowing lead single/love song "Kind of Love" with another gorgeous track. The dream-like "New Place" radiates with a genuine warmth and hope for the future that feels especially empowering and effortlessly profound for such a breezy and light track. Listen below:

Alone At Last is out October 26th. Pre-order the record on limited baby-blue vinyl 12", with beautiful art and packaging including a poetry zine featuring contributions from a host of Chicago-based, black women writers.