Swedish singer and producer Merely unveils the majestic lead single from her beautiful new full-length, due in June via the legends at Sincerely Yours. The soaring, windswept "Libertine" exemplifies the record's widescreen, cinematic scope -- the press release says "her upcoming album is a letter from the post apocalypse...Kristina Florell wanders among ruins and tells us what she sees"; I was reminded of Charlize Theron's inspired turn as the heroine Furiosa traversing the barren landscape of Fury Road while listening to tracks like "Backdraft" and the chill-inducing "Limestone Corridor" -- and it's a fittingly poignant intro to the record's otherworldly future-pastoral vibe. UNCANNY VALLEY, which features collaborations with jj, Zhala, and the amazing Swedish producer Quiltland on the haunting closing track, is out June 17th on Sincerely Yours. Listen to "Libertine" + check the rare worthwhile/interesting album trailer below.

"this perfect sun, wow"