Austin band Sun June returns with a gorgeous new single, taken from the band's long awaited second album, coming in early 2021 on Run For Cover + Keeled Scales. "Singing", which singer Laura Colwell calls, "our groundhog day song", finds Sun June subtly ushering their distinctive, gently twangy dream-pop into more widescreen, "timeless classic" territory, while retaining all of the comforting warmth and bittersweet wistfulness of their beloved debut. There's definitely a melancholy, "summer's over" vibe to the whole thing, but "Singing" ultimately exudes a hopeful, almost anthemic quality, and it's one of the prettiest things we've heard all year. Colwell talks about the song's relatable themes and its accompanying video, which she directed with bandmate Stephen Salisbury:

"'Singing' is our groundhog day song. It's about being stuck in an old argument with your partner, wishing you both saw the world the same way. The video expands on that idea by cycling through various mundane ruts we can get caught in. We also explore around our Austin neighborhood, where they're tearing stuff down and building stuff up."

photo: Henry Davis