Catherine McCandless + Wynn Holmes aka Riches share another glowingly mesmeric track from their debut full-length Fantasy Chapel, coming September 25th. The group calls Fantasy Chapel, "the soundtrack to an imaginary horror film", and new single "Eyes Open But Not Looking" -- a floating, meditative meta-mantra that finds the duo reflecting on their own creative process -- feels like a restorative reset at the album's center, offering focus and renewal at the midway point of the concept record. Wynn and Catherine tell us about the track:

"Creative inspiration has always seemed to require a complete surrender of self in order to allow for the take-over by the spirit of the unconscious. We looked to the practice manuals of the Japanese avant garde art form of Butoh for inspiration and instruction for connecting to the unconscious world through bodily actions/reactions. It’s themes of gestures of devotion, looking inward and the grotesque inspired the lyrics for the song. Eyes Open But Not Looking is about the longing for the creative spirit and the lengths to which we are willing to go to conjure it."