I serendipitously caught a stunning live set from Vancouver's Ora Cogan at Boise's amazing Treefort Fest last week, thanks to arriving at the venue a couple hours early to stake out a good spot for Grouper, who was headlining the evening's show. Cogan debuted a handful of darkly beautiful and poignant songs from her forthcoming new album Crickets, a profoundly moving collection of visceral, haunted psych-folk elegies, recorded very recently (just last month) in Philly with Tom Deis of uni ika ai. She was hands down my favorite new discovery of the fest, so it goes without saying that we're honored to premiere one of those new tracks here today. Ora told us via email about the meaning behind her ominous but cathartic single "The Light":

'The Light' is a vindication of a woman’s ability to self-express and an expression of how challenging that can be in our society.

Every time I tell you how I feel you negate the validity of my experience...

It feels like every time I get close to fully expressing who I am, I get shut down or cat called out of the magic...Someone will just come out of the ether and shut me down. This song came out of a desire to create a sonic space that's safe and free. It has been a healing experience to write and to sing."​

Purchase the track here. Ora Cogan has a number of North American shows lined up this spring with the likes of Meg Baird, Mariee Sioux, Little Wings, Anni Rossi, and others. See all of her dates here.