Over the past few months, we've been captivated by an eclectic and consistently stirring series of great singles from Amsterdam-based artist Nana Adjoa, all taken from her stellar new LP Big Dreaming Ants, coming this fall. Today, she's unveiling yet another vibrant, elegantly understated but sonically adventurous anthem, and we're honored to premiere the Natalia Guiking-directed lyric video below. Nana tells us that the empowering "I Want to Change" is inspired by, "wanting to change myself and the world around me". She elaborates:

The desire to change is a weird feeling and brings with it a dichotomy of emotions. You get a sense of wanting to move forward, of getting out of a (perhaps self-imposed) rut, but you also fear leaving behind the comfort and security of what you know. With ‘I Want To Change,’ I’m giving space to an inner voice that quietly yearns for change and amplifying it in a way, calling for change that speaks to both the global and individual scale. I wrote the song over a year ago, now placing it in the context of the current state of the world, that inner voice feels more like a call to action for myself.

Big Dreaming Ants is out September 25th.