Daniel Benjamin aka Moon King follows up last summer's Hamtramck '16 with a slinky, slightly uneasy dance-pop jam, featuring the great David Carriere of TOPS on guitar. There's a pensive, disillusioned vibe to "I've Stopped Believing", which deals with Daniel decamping from Toronto to live in Detroit's Hamtramck neighborhood after feeling let down by his suddenly unrecognizable hometown. He tells us about the track:

"I wrote 'I've Stopped Believing' about my hometown Toronto ...... all anyone ever talks about now is how expensive it is & how artists are being forced to leave..... I grew up right downtown, a couple of blocks from Honest Ed's department store, and when they announced it was closing, that was kinda the final signal that the city had changed completely and wasn't recognizable anymore..... so that was one of the reasons I left for Detroit a few years ago."

Moon King starts a North American tour tomorrow night with Diane Coffee at Founders in Grand Rapids. Find all of his dates, which include a trip down to TX in March for SXSW, here.