Montreal artist Michael Brock, aka Mind Bath, debuts his emotional new single, taken from his forthcoming I Was Young EP, out digitally on June 17th via Olympia Records (UK) + on his own imprint Bedroom Dubs. "Over New York" is haunting torch song that radiates with a smoldering, visceral sensuality -- thanks to Brock's delicate but intensely heartfelt vocals and a throbbing pulse that feels like a lover's heartbeat on your chest -- and concludes with a heavenly string-laden outro courtesy of OURI. MB says of the track:

I was so in love when I lived in the city. We'd watch the birds in murmuration - clouds of them over Brooklyn. Me and J, and the birds, all floating above any chaotic energy below.

'Over New York' was edited down from a 30 min live jam between myself, CRi, and OURI. We met sharing a bill at a party for Arbutus Records and radio. A few days later we set up in their living room and went forward on instinct. Being voyeur - Ourielle plays her harp on the outro and i feel blessed to be here.