We were recently introduced to Lontalius via Charlie Ryder of the band Yumi Zouma, who gushed that "his songs legitimately terrify me and make wonder what the point is to anything." Today, the young New Zealand artist hooks up with producer CutMyLips on heartfelt new track "Mooncatch", a hopeful, beautifully woozy lament, and the latest stellar entry in Ryan Hemsworth's bi-weekly, kind of impossibly consistent Secret Songs series. CutMyLips talks about how the song came together:

"I started to make this song straight after my trip to old castle with my significant other. That was great time, very impressive landscapes and deep feelings. I was really inspired with my life flow and expressed all this things in this tune. When the sketch was half ready I decided to ask lontalius to join me and fill the tune with his voice and words. I hope everyone gets something bewitching and inspiring."

Download the emotional track below, and catch up on recent Secret Songs greatness from the likes of Madeira, Priscilla Sharp, and Hemsworth himself, here: