Samantha Poulter aka Logic1000 shares the second stellar track from her thrilling new EP You've Got the Whole Night to Go, coming next week on Therapy/Because Music. While lead single "I Won't Forget" is a massive '90s house anthem with a haunting vocal sample that is begging for a euphoric hands-in-the-air moment in a packed club as soon as possible, the Berlin-based Australian changes gears a bit on thumping new track "Medium", which she says was made "for those of you who are in the car on the way to the club". Poulter adds, "“It’s a pre-party moment. I really feel like this track is reflective of my taste, in its truest sense. I’m all about groove and momentum in music and I feel like ‘Medium’ has those things. The thing I remember most about making this track was the desire to be moving. It was peak lockdown and all I wanted was to have that feeling like I was going somewhere. I wanted to escape." Listen via the visualizer below. You've Got the Whole Night to Go is out January 22nd.