East London's Jones began her ascent toward future household name status on the strength of just a handful of singles, including gorgeous love song "Indulge" and the cavernous, AK Paul-produced "You" (a co-sign from this guy also helped, I suppose). And rightfully so, as both of those tracks are beautiful, tastefully produced gems that acted as a perfect showcase and promising introduction for Jones' stunning crystalline voice. But the stirring, XO-produced new single "Hoops" is her best song yet; starting with a restrained, yearning vocal over subtly dreamy instrumentation that's vaguely reminiscent of the xx's classic intro, there's a modest slow-burning build before Jones elegantly and effortlessly takes it to another more heartbreaking level. I believe this is called showing out, without showing off. "Hoops" is taken from Jones' debut LP New Skin, due sometime in spring 2016. Listen below, and look out for a Wet remix coming soon.