Prolific experimental multi-instrumentalist Jefre Cantu-Ledesma shares a blissed-out track from his majestic forthcoming LP On the Echoing Green, out soon via Mexican Summer. Cantu-Ledesma says that the record "...feels like spring – things coming alive, blooming, emerging from winter,” and the billowy, 10-minute-long journey "A Song of Summer" is an intensely emotional and swooning embodiment of that vibe of renewal and rebirth. The song begins with Cantu-Ledesma's distant, chiming guitar submerged in a noisy wash of gloriously hazy sea hiss, out of which emerge the dreamy, warmly shimmering vocals of Argentinean artist Paula Garcia, aka Sobrenadar, whose beautiful voice features prominently on the new record. On the Echoing Green is out June 16th.