Ivory Towers is the solo electronic project of Quinne Rodgers, formerly of experimental Vancouver duo MYTHS. Her darkly beautiful new Vile EP is an intensely haunting and empowering feminist missive that deals with themes of subverting privilege, imperialism, and power, via deeply entrancing revenge fantasies like the spectral opener "Hel's Belles", which "considers eating the privileged and burning the places of power to the ground". It's a dreamy and disquieting record, best listened to in the dark, that at times recalls Kate Bush's enveloping, dreamlike surrealism, the Knife's politically incendiary electro-pop, and the murky, dark mysticism of Grimes' first record Geidi Primes. Listen to Vile's opening track, and check out an eerie EP teaser vid below:

As a spooky companion to this track (and the new EP), check out Ivory Towers' Gorgononium mixtape from earlier this year, featuring "several new Ivory Towers songs, stretched out and chopped up" + "many samples of animals".