We were introduced to genre-defying Welsh duo ISLAND sometime last year via their incredible ISLAND Joints mixtape that dropped back in 2014, and we still regularly return to the expansive and strangely evocative tape. If you haven't heard it yet, it's an essential intro to the group's very lush and cinematic (and pretty much unclassifiable) "grime mutations", and it still sounds as fresh and forward-thinking as when it came out nearly 2 years ago. Consider that your primer for this: in a perfect union, ISLAND has hooked up with like-minded luminaries WEDIDIT to release a next-level new A/B side digital single. Bask in the vivid retro-futuristic neon glow of their vaguely tropical and totally immersive new tracks "Lights Go By" + "Lil Melody" below. Lights Go By is out today for free download on WEDIDIT's TOMBSTONE recordings: