We last heard from Coomers + Curtis of Harlem just over a year ago, when they shared their genuinely haunting rendition of a Lana Del Rey song, sparking hope that the duo might be working on new stuff of their own. Well we're psyched to confirm that the group has a new LP called Oh Boy coming sometime soon, and today, we're premiering the record's stellar first single, which will appeal to anyone who remembers Coomers' awesome Lace Curtains project from a few years back. If the lilting "Cry Now Cry Later" is any indication, the duo's wry, acerbic songwriting is still as relatable and catchy as ever, but the youthful swagger and ramshackle nature of bonafide underrated classics Free Drugs ;-) and Hippies has gracefully evolved a bit with age, revealing a more tender, vulnerable, and assured Harlem. It's nice to have them back. Listen below + grab one of Harlem's new Curtis-designed t-shirts here.