UK artist Grand Pax debuts the luminous title track from her new PWR EP, coming this summer on Blue Flowers. “'PWR' is like a dream sequence for me,” Grand Pax tells us, adding, "Its subject matter could easily be melancholy however for some reason it came out in colour, hopeful and sweet. When I hear it, I think of a time when I felt free enough to pursue the things I wanted in the moment.” That intense, wide-eyed emotion and the magical, aching anticipation of being young and free are palpable and elegantly captured in the sweetly poignant video, directed by Netti Hurley. Hurley, who Pax calls a "visionary", talks about her concept for the vid:

“I was inspired by my teenage years growing up in a small town in Kent - mostly bored, getting fucked up with friends, finding ways to kill the long summers. The intensity of our friendships then – flirtatious, playful and loving - but underneath all the hedonism, each getting to know our own sexuality. When Grand Pax told me about the track being about understanding your feelings for a friend go beyond friendship, I wanted to show the challenges this might pose against the blurred lines of friendship and what friendship as a word even means at this age. Everything was improvised. We put the budget on film stock, rum and a caravan for a couple of nights and basically just went and lived it.”

Grand Pax's PWR EP is out June 26th.