Alison Goldfarb aka Geranium shares the exquisite first single from her self-titled debut EP, coming on Valentine's Day via Forged Artifacts. "Separate Life", which was mixed by the great Jorge Elbrecht, is a gorgeous, billowing gem that shimmers with warmth and gently psychedelic vibes, imparting a sort of comforting, dream-like sense of wistfulness and longing. The mood is complemented beautifully by the song's kaleidoscopic visuals, premiering here today. Goldfarb says that the vid, which was directed, shot + edited by Christina Bryson, "is meant to be an ode to a desert acid trip." She expounds on the idea behind the song:

"A space between reality and dreams, the psychedelic trip is akin to memory. When we remember, our imaginations latch on to impressionistic details and color past events with current conditions. It's seductive to relive past memories to escape an uncomfortable present moment. Separate Life is about longing for something that may never have been real in the first place through the lens of an imagined long distance holiday romance fated to be short lived. Something protected from the wear of time can live forever in the glow of nostalgia."