Brooklyn composer and singer Gabrielle Herbst aka GABI shares the stunning second single from her new record Empty Me, coming this fall on Double Double Whammy. On the otherworldly "Sleep", GABI's haunting operatic vocals are swathed by gorgeous instrumentation --- a hypnotically twinkling piano line, dramatic harp and bass clarinet, Steve Hauschildt's starry synth, and GABI herself on drums for the first time -- as her stirring refrain/mantra "I sing to heal my head" soars in and out of the swirling production. GABI tells us how the silence and solitude of the middle of the night led to the song's creation:

"There was a period of time where I would wake up in the middle of the night and write songs. I loved how quiet it was and it felt like I was the most alone I could be. I play drums on this track and it’s the first time I’ve ever done that. I recorded the drums in my producer’s tiny bedroom. This song really came to life with Marilu Donovan on harp, Mara Mayer on bass clarinet, co-producer Eric Littmann and a synth contribution from Steve Hauschildt."

Empty Me is out October 5th.