Brooklyn's Caitlin Frame shares the first single from her forthcoming, as-yet-untitled debut full-length as FRAME, due sometime in the near future. The lovelorn "Love Wasted" is a shimmering, bittersweet pop anthem that conveys the universal emotions of longing, regret, and hope that stem from being involved in a complicated relationship, but was written about about an intensely intimate and specific time in Frame's own now-ended open marriage. She tells us about the song via email:

"When I wrote this song I felt secure and balanced with the love I had, but being in an open relationship created space to feel an obsessive and all-encompassing lust at the same time. When those feelings became entangled and borderless it was easy to act out of impulse."

FRAME has a couple Brooklyn shows coming up soon, including one with Amber Arcades at Shea Stadium next month.