The insane amount of amazing music that seems to magically emanate from the orbit of our favorite extended Montreal crew -- see the stellar new jams from Forever and Cam Maclean in the past couple weeks alone, not to mention that new TOPS record -- continues with the latest romantic transmission from Thom Gillies (Vesuvio Solo, formerly TOPS) and June Moon (Forever), aka Exit Someone. Thom tells us about hazy new track "Absent Lover", taken from the group's forthcoming debut full-length Equal Trouble:

"I wrote the song on my Wurlitzer piano in February when June was away in China. I took it into the studio the same day and recorded it. When she came back I got her to sing on it... I thought it was a nice touch."

Equal Trouble is out soon. In the meantime, you can cop "Absent Lover" now on Exit Someone's bandcamp, and catch the group live this summer:

July 15 Marché des Possibles - Montréal, QC
July 27 Musée Pointe-à-Callière - Montréal, QC (spectacle à midi)
Aug 2 The Record Centre - Ottawa, ON
Aug 3 Le Cercle - Québec City, QC
Aug 4 Café Loka - Fredericton, NB
Aug 6 Sappy Fest - Sackville, NB
Aug 19 Wavelength Festival - Toronto, ON