Ontario's Jonas Bonnetta aka Evening Hymns debuts the lovely first single from his forthcoming album Heavy Nights, due sometime this summer on Bonnetta's own Shuffling Feet Records. Featuring some soft, smoky sax from the great Joseph Shabason that beautifully enhances the song's warm but somber glow, "I Can Only Be Good" is a heartbreakingly poignant lament on the end of a relationship, and the stark realization that a love is fading away. Bonnetta tells us about the song:

“It was difficult to write this while in a relationship. I was writing from the perspective of someone falling out of love and with the end in sight. Knowing that was going to come and that I'd have to deal with this intense destruction of all of these comforts and shared dreams that I'd known for years. Looking around and something just not feeling right even though it should have. A long list of all the reasons one should or shouldn’t fall in love.

Listen below via the hazily flickering lyric video, shot + edited by Lane Meyers: