Toronto's Eva Tolkin aka EVA follows up last summer's twinkling, soaring Danny L Harle-produced anthem extolling the virtues of self-pleasure with another undeniable certified bop, which she's self-releasing today. EVA, who has toured with such royalty as Solange, Robyn, Charli XCX, Lykke Li, and at the moment, Blood Orange, takes us back to a glittery '90s dancefloor on her new club-pop banger about the cathartic release of a good cry, as she encourages her lover to get in touch with his emotions and let it all out. "This song isn’t on my upcoming EP but it’s too damn fun to stay hidden away on my computer forever," says EVA, adding "I hope it makes you dance ‘n cry." Listen below, and look for EVA's new EP coming later this year.