Lexington, Kentucky producer Ellie Herring never makes the same move twice. Whether this constant state of flux is deliberate or simply the function of an inherent adventurous/restless streak (I suspect it's the latter), Herring's shapeshifting fluidity and apparent perpetual motion have made her one of the most exciting and versatile young dance music producers around. So it probably goes without saying that we're extremely psyched to premiere the pulsing opening track from her bright and vibrant new EP, out soon on Driftless. Ellie talks about how she emerged from a recent, ultimately serendipitous creative rut, leading to another welcome new direction and the stellar tracks that make up the new EP:

What a Joy was written shortly after returning from 'I don’t like anything I produce so delete it land.' All of that felt overworked & forced. Trying to align myself more to what I had been playing out at the time, & way too evaluative. What a Joy happened after a discussion where someone recommended sitting each morning & sketching out ideas & sounds, to not hyper-focus & single out an element. Ie. Avoid spending two hours messing with a hi-hat. There’s not much to say on the direction I chose, because it was unintentional. What a Joy is an affirming consequence and a direction I’m super happy to be in. Honestly, I stopped trying to produce what I thought was cool and just let things be.

Ellie Herring's What a Joy EP is out November 15th on Driftless. Listen to the tone-setting opener "Wheels On" below.