"The words come from the thought of the distance in space/time between the life of a star (like the sun) and mine here, which depends on the other. I'm kept warm and alive by the light of a presence thats powerful, distant and seemingly indifferent to my own expressions in the far reaches of its heat, i feel compelled to show an appreciation but also to recapitulate the indifference i feel coming my way." -- Alex from Plaster Cast

We're happy to present the debut, of sorts, from Plaster Cast (formerly Malta, who released a very good album late last year that was hailed as the "future of R&B" and that we totally slept on, oops). The group recently sent over their gorgeous, softly radiant new single "Sunless", and it's subsequently been on repeat for the last few days, lulling us through this seemingly endless rainy spell with its sweetly poignant sentiment and the surprising emotional weight of an inspired re-imagining of a possibly very familiar vocal sample. "Sunless" is out today via the great experimental pop label/collective Zoom Lens (also home to Meishi Smile + Ulzzang Pistol); download it below or here.