Psyched to premiere the latest from one of the most exciting + increasingly versatile producers around: Lexington, Kentucky's Ellie Herring. Ellie tells us about her natural/magical propensity for turning others' sadness and regret into something danceable and cathartic, as heard on her intoxicating new remix of Shy Girls' breakup slow-jam "Clean Cut":

"anyone’s guess is as good as mine as to why i keep producing music that leaves me dancing around to someone singing about heartbreak, loss, disappointment, etc... maybe i’m trying to make the situation better or maybe it’s as simple as me enjoying the combination of the sounds. same to be said with unreleased material i’m working on now & of course the remix of Doss's Softpretty."

Check the original version of "Clean Cut", along with the rest of Shy Girls' 4WZ mixtape, which features Rome Fortune, Antwon, Tei Shi, and others, here.