Presenting a slinky new jam from Berlin-based artist Denitza Todorova, aka DENA, featuring production from Manila's Eyedress (who coincidentally just dropped a dope video of his own). With its breezy laid-back groove and twinkling piano and strings courtesy of RH Alexander, the soulful "Things That Mean a Lot" is a perfect vibe for soundtracking those balmy, preferably tipsy summer evenings in your near future. DENA says the song, out today on Mansions and Millions, is all about capturing that very relatable and specific fleeting moment "when you realize that love is not gonna go further and you are consciously in this last peaceful phase before things fade away." She tells us how the sort of impromptu Eyedress collab naturally came about:

The song came to us literally in one breath on an afternoon last summer when Idris (Eyedress) and his bandmate RH Alexander were in Berlin for a show. We met up in the studio and the song literally just came to us, RH Alexander came up with the piano chords and strings, I wrote the words and sang into the computer, Eyedress made a rough mix and added the little beat and it was all just there. Later on I decided to not go with further guitars or bass elements and leave it in the truest form we recorded it.