Jules Hale aka Den-Mate returns with the swirling lead single from her beautiful new Hypnagogia EP, coming next month on Substitute Scene / Babe City. The goosebump-inducing "It'll All Come Back" feels like a much needed awakening, an empowering anthem simmering with so much cinematic intensity and emotion bubbling up through its glowing, dreamlike haze that it might just make you feel invincible. Hale talks about the track, which makes for quite the beguiling introduction to the overall theme of Hypnagogia:

"It'll All Come Back" is a song about overcoming something painful that you have experienced in your life. These lyrics serve as a mantra: "you're not a victim if you choose not to be, a little planning, get dirt in between your feet" to signify a change to grow, forgive, and accept. Growth is not an easy thing, especially if you are coming from the depths of a wounded mindset. Then, the opening phrase: "you have the right to be who you wanna be" is a reassurance when the hard work involved feels too heavy. During these difficult times it's important that we focus on what we can do to make ourselves a home for peace alongside being kind to others. I hope someone who is struggling can listen and feel empowered."

Hypnagogia is out June 26th. Listen to "It'll All Come Back" below:

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