Mysterious new project Coco -- an as yet anonymous collective who made their debut early this year with the gorgeous, warmly wistful slow-burner "Empty Beach" -- drop their second dreamy, albeit a bit more free and loose, single, premiering here today with an Alex Munro-directed black & white video that suits the song's breezy, almost ephemeral vibe. We have a strong inkling as to who's behind Coco, and we'll let y'all speculate on your own about that, but in the meantime, just bask in the balmy, liberating groove of "One Time Villain". Coco shares this letter about the new song:

As we are confronted with what feels like endless time to spend with ourselves, our families, and our partners, it becomes more and more clear what in our lives feels frivolous and inessential; and inversely, what has long-lasting meaning.

We have the opportunity to ask ourselves what serves us, and what we can do to serve the world around us. It can be easy—and for some, necessary—to candy coat that which is bitter. And it can be painful to recognize what should have been let go of long ago. This song touches upon these themes—the narrator has a habit of allowing people into their life who sabotage their long term happiness and wellbeing.

How do we really want to be in the world and what changes do we need to make to lead us closer to that person?

This song fades in and fades out, always playing somewhere in the wide universe—we just rolled the tape on this three minute clip of the eternal rhythm. We hope this is a comfort to you, and a reminder to take care of yourselves and those you love.

Forever yours,
xo Coco